Business Process Outsourcing

Sapphire Business Process Outsourcing Services, can increase your productivity, streamline your process, achieve efficiency and save money through outsourcing. We have been helping companies of all sizes, since 2006 enjoy the incredible benefits of outsourcing.

What processes can you outsource?

  • Accounting and bookkeeping related process
  • Data entry and internet research related process
  • Call center and customer support processes
  • Financial analysis and calculation related process
  • Remote technical support processes (via remote connection, chat or phone)
  • Software development and related process
  • Web design and other design related processes
  • SEO, Social media and other marketing processes
  • Other custom processes that is unique to your business

What are your benefits?

  • You get better operational efficiency
  • You get instant access to highly qualified staff
  • You can expand your business quickly (without additional investments)
  • You reduce your risks associated with business expansion
  • You get cost savings of 50% (usually more)
  • You get an outsourcing partner with several years of experience