SAP PP – Production Planning Training


SAP Production Planning is the process of aligning demand with manufacturing capacity to create production and procurement schedules for finished products and component materials.

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  • Earn a Skill Certificate
  • Professional Resume Preparation end of the trading period. 
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Course Curriculum

  • Why SAP ?
  • Introduction to Business Process
  • Introduction of ERP & SAP
  • SAP Advantages
System Wide Concept
  • SAP Organizational Structure
  • SAP Master Data
  • SAP Transactional Records
SAP Navigation

SAP Production Planning

1. Production Planning Introduction

1.1 SAP PP Overview

1.2 SAP PP Process Flow

2. Master Data

2.1 Material Master

2.2 Bills Of Material

2.3 Work Center

2.4 Routing

2.5 Production Version

3. Bills Of Material

3.1 Create BOM

3.2 Change BOM

3.4 Display BOM

3.5 Create Alternative BOM.

3.6 Scrap %

3.7 Item Category

3.8 BOM Usage

4. Work Center

4.1 Create Work Center
4.2 Change Work Center
4.3 Display Work Center
4.4 Costing View and Activity Types
4.5 Standard Value Key

5. Routing

5.1 Create Standard Routing
5.2 Change Routing
5.3 Display Routing )
5.4 Component Allocation
5.5 Ref Operation Set
5.6 Control Key

6. Production Version

6.1 Creation Of Production Version.
6.2 Lots size, Validity and Lock/Unlock Features

7. Demand Management

7.1 Create Planned Independent Requirement (PIR) through MD61
7.2 Change & Display PIR
7.3 Create a plan with simulation version 02 with MD61Create planning scenario in MS31
7.4 Take planning run with MS01
7.5 Result evaluation with MS04
7.8 To convert the non active planning version into active MS64 – Copy Version.

8. MRP Run

8.1 Total Planning for the Plant
8.2 Total Planning- Single Item Multi Level
8.3 Total Planning- Single Item Single Level
8.4 Multi-Level, Make to Order Production
8.5 Simulation Mode
8.6 Stock Transfer
8.7 MRP Run Evaluation

9. Shop Floor Control

9.1 Create Production Order
9.2 Change Production Order
9.3 Release Production Order
9.4 Availability Check
9.5 Confirmation of Production Order
9.6 Conversion of Planned Orders to Production Order
9.7 Status of Production Order
9.8 Goods Receipt of Production Order
9.9 Shop Floor Printing

10. Capacity Planning

10.1 Load Work Centre (CM01); Display Period, Capacity Requirements, Capacity Load..
10.2 View Work Centre ; Orders Wise (CM02), Back Log Wise (CM04), Over Load Wise (CM04)
10.3 Capacity Leveling

11. Error Handling & Mass Conversion

11.1 COGI
11.2 COHV
11.3 Production Order Logs

12. PP Reports

12.1 COOIS

13. Tips & Tricks for Effective Usage of SAP

13.1 Copy & Paste Data of SAP Screen
13.2 Table Settings
13.3 Creating your Own Favorite menu
13.4 Reduction of Repetitive work
13.5 Changing Layout of a Report
13.6 Setting up the Printer for Each User ID
13.7 Sending Mail from the SAP System

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