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Gain Real-time Experience with Hands-on, Project-based Full Stack Web Developer – MEAN Stack Training Training

Organizations recruit full stack web developers as they possess in-depth domain knowledge. Hiring young and talented full-stack web developers is one of the best decisions the management makes as it leads to better technology solutions. At Sapphire Global, get real-time experience with hands-on, project-based training and get hired by one of the top-notch companies.


Kick Start Your Web Development Career with the Full Stack Web Developer Program

The Full Stack Web Developer course is a comprehensive program that prepares you for a successful career in website development. This course will help you learn multiple languages pertaining to web development, along with a few concepts of web design, to build front-end and back-end web applications. Undergo the Full Stack Developer training at Sapphire Global and gain the ability to design and develop powerful modern web apps that form the basis for applications, websites, and systems, used by individuals and organizations.

Why Learn Full Stack Web Developer Program?

If you want to make a career in web development, full stack web developer is a great choice as you will achieve the skills to develop both client and server software and gain an edge. Besides mastering HTML and CSS, you will learn how to program a browser, program a server, and program a database.

Job Opportunities

You will attain the skills with you can apply for the following positions:

• Web Developer
• Front End Developer
• JavaScript Developer
• Full Stack Developer

Demand. Supply. Growth.


According to a survey, there’s a 20% growth in demand for full stack web developers compared to the last two years. According to a survey from Indeed, the average salary of a full stack web developer is 5 LPA.


Full stack developers are valuable assets of any organizations, and there is always a short supply.


According to a report from the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the full stack development jobs will rise from 135, 000 to more than 853, 000 by 2024.

What You Will Learn

You will gain knowledge in developing website, hybrid, and mob ile solutions. You will understand front-end frameworks, including Bootstrap 4 and Angular. You will learn how to implement NoSQL databases using MongoDB. Most of all, you will learn to create the best user experience regardless of the device.

Who Is This Program For?

Full stack web developer is a buzz word. He/she is an engineer who can create both client-side and server-side software. This program is for anyone who wants to become one such developer.

Why Sapphire

At Sapphire, the Full Stack Web Developer aspirants will not only become job-ready but also future ready. You will acquire diverse set of skills, working with copious amounts of data, parsing with data, and converting them into an easily understandable format that help in making well-informed business decisions.

By studying and preparing under the tutelage of Sapphire mentors, you will become an erudite Full Stack Web Developer professional, working on real-world, industry-based projects with popular tools. There are many aspects you can consider:


Learn at the convenience of your home. You can take the standard course (20 days/40 hours) or the fast-track (5 days/40 hours).

Program Format

• Online Tutoring: The mode of teaching is going to be online, and the sessions will be interactive to enhance learner engagement.

• Blended learning: For convenience and effective teaching, we incorporate hybrid learning in which both the traditional classroom and online learning come together.

Instruction from Industry Expert Mentors

With one-on-one and group mentoring, Sapphire’s mentors help you get noticed by top-notch companies looking for talented Full Stack Web Developer professionals in India and overseas.


Am I a Candidate for This Program?

Anyone is a candidate for this program as long as they have basic programming skills. Although a technical degree will increase your chances of being hired, there are examples of Full Stack Web Developers without a degree.


Module I: HTML

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Different browsers and HTML
  • Tags, Attributes, and Elements
  • Doctype Element
  • Comments
  • Headings, paragraphs, and text formatting
  • Lists & Links
  • Images & Tables

Module II: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Application of CSS to HTML
  • Selectors, Properties, and Values
  • CSS Colors & Backgrounds
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS Margins, Padding, and Borders
  • CSS general concepts

Module III: Module III: JavaScript

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Application of JavaScript
  • JavaScript Syntax
  • Document and Window Object
  • Variables & Operators
  • Data types & number type conversion
  • Math & String Manipulation
  • Objects & Arrays
  • Data & Time
  • Conditional statements
  • Switch case
  • Looping in JavaScript
  • Functions

Module IV: ReactJS

  • Introduction to ReactJS
  • Templating with JSX
  • Components, States, and Props
  • Rendering List and portals
  • Error handling
  • Routers
  • Rudux and Rudux Saga
  • js
  • Server-side Rendering
  • Unit Testing
  • Webpak

Module V: NodeJS

  • Introduction to overview
  • NodeJS Basics
  • NodeJS Set Up
  • NodeJS Console
  • NodeJS Command Utilities
  • NodeJS Modules
  • NodeJS Concepts
  • NodeJS Events
  • NodeJS with ExpressJS
  • NodeJS Database access

Module VI: MongoDB

  • SQL and NoSQL concepts
  • Creating and managing MongoDB
  • Migration of data into MongoDB
  • MongoDB with PHP
  • MongoDB with NodeJS
  • MongoDB services

Module VII: Python

  • Introduction to Python
  • Python Installation and Configuration
  • Python application development
  • Connecting MongoDB with Python

Module VIII: VCS

Capstone Project

The full stack development course will culminate with a capstone project, which serves as a channel for you to implement and demonstrate what you have learned.

At Sapphire Global, we have designed our Capstone projects in such a way that they urge the candidates to think clearly and solve sophisticated problems. The candidates will work under the guardianship of dedicated mentors in which they will learn to make the most of the skills and technologies taught in the program and create high-quality projects and fix real-world programs.

It will be wrapped up with a few sessions dedicated to bettering their oral communication, public speaking skills, and research skills. Not to mention, the project includes increasing student motivation & engagement, educational & career aspirations, boosting student confidence, and demonstrating learning & proficiency.


Training Options

Rs. 35,000

  • Live Instructor Online training by Certified & industry expert Trainers
  • 24/7 One Demand Dedicated Server for Hands on Practice.
  • Flexibility to attend the class at your convenient time.
  • Earn a Skill Certificate
  • Professional Resume Preparation end of the trading period. 
  • Plus 45 Days of flexible access e-learning.
Make me an Expert


  • Customized Learning delivery model.
  • Our training practice are perfectly blended with options for effective live instructor lead hands on training.
  • Training need analysis.
  • Our Corporate training services are easy accessibility of LMS ( Learning Management System ) online or offline – anytime, anywhere, on any of your devices.
  • 24/7 learner assistance and Support


Q.1 What is full stack?

Ans: Full stack refers to a set of programming languages and tools, including front-end and back-end JavaScript technologies, a developer learns to develop front-end as well as back-end web applications.

Q.2 Is a web developer same as a web designer?

Ans: A web developer involves more into functionality and features of a website who is well versed in programming languages necessary to create them while a web designer involves in creating logos, graphics, and layout that ascertains the look and feel of a website.

Q.3 Do I get any certification after the completion of the course?

Ans: Yes. You will receive a course completion certification from Sapphire Global.

Q.4 How do you make up for the classes I have missed?

Ans: We will reschedule the class you missed on a later date based on your convenience.

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