AWS Certified SysOps Administrator -Associate (SOA-C01)

Learn from Top-level Accredited Mentors to Become an AWS SysOps Administrator

Buying, storage, and maintenance of the hardware and software can be a dauntingly difficult task for organizations, especially that are not specialized in this domain. So, they drop this responsibility onto other people’s lap whose job day in and day out is Cloud Computing. Cloud computing services eliminate this pain and facilitate firms to maximize time and focus on value outcome.


Verify Your Technical Expertise with Industry-recognized AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

Amazon’s AWS is the world’s leading cloud platform provider. It has revolutionized the way organizations run their IT operations. AWS is the most sought-after name when it comes to cloud services. In the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate program, offered by Sapphire Global, you will get an opportunity to work with different tools pertaining to the AWS Cloud platform and gain the ability to highly scalable, uninterrupted, and fault-proof SaaS applications.

Why Learn AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Course?

This Certification validates your technical skills in implementation, management, and operations on the AWS platform. In addition, it validates the following capabilities:

• Controlling data flow to/from AWS
• Decide the appropriate AWS service depending on computing/data/security requirements
• AWS operational best practices
• Estimation of AWS costs and identification of operational costs control strategies
• Migration of on-premise workloads to AWS

Job Opportunities

AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate professionals are required for the following jobs:

• Cloud Engineer
• Site Reliability Engineer
• Cloud Support Engineer
• Data Center Engineer

Demand. Supply. Growth.


The demand for AWS certified professionals is huge. There may be zillions of AWS Cloud SysOps Administrator – Associate learned professionals, but only a small percentage of them are certified.


Even though organizations can easily source AWS Certified Solution Architects, there


AWS Cloud has been growing since its establishment with maximum share in the cloud market. Even Microsoft Azure being in the second position is not close to AWS.

What You Will Learn in This Course

With the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate, you will attain the key skills necessary to deploy and operate a scalable and dependable infrastructure on the AWS platform.

Why Sapphire

At Sapphire, the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate aspirants will be ready for advanced AWS Cloud certifications to become cloud specialists. By studying and preparing under the tutelage of Sapphire mentors, you will become an erudite AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate and have an edge in the AWS cloud environment. There are many aspects you can consider learning from Sapphire Global:


Learn at the convenience of your home. You can take the standard course (20 days/40 hours) or the fast-track (5 days/40 hours).

Program Format

• Online Tutoring: The mode of teaching is going to be online, and the sessions will be interactive to enhance learner engagement.
• Blended learning: For convenience and effective teaching, we incorporate hybrid learning in which both the traditional classroom and online learning come together.

Instruction from Industry Expert Mentors

With one-on-one and group mentoring, Sapphire’s mentors help you get the AWS Certified Cloud SysOps Administrator – Associate and get ready for levelling up.


Am I a Candidate for AWS Certified SysOPs Administrator – Associate?

To be a candidate for this program and certification, you must know AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials and AWS Technical Essentials.



Module I: Virtual Networking on AWS

• Understanding Virtual Networking on AWS
• What is Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)?
• AWS Reference Model for VPC
• VPC Architecture and Characteristics
• Creating a VPC
• VPC Configuration
• VPC Access Methods
• VPC Peering

Module II: Security Groups and NACLs

• Layered security
• Configuration of Security Groups
• Understanding NACLs
• Configuration of NACLs

Module III: Configuration of VPC Access

• AWS VPC Access
• AWS Direct Connect
• Configuration of VPN
• VPC Peering
• Configuration of VPC Peering

Module IV: EC2 Instant Types

• Understanding EC2 Instant Types
• EC2 Instant Types – Tour in the AWS Management Console

Module V: Elastic Block Storage

• AWS Storage Types
• Boosting IOPS’s performance
• Configuration of Optimized Instances

Module VI: EBS Snapshots and Replication

• EBS Snapshots – Characteristics
• EBS Snapshots in the AWS Management Console

Module VII: Amazon S3

• Amazon S3 – Characteristics
• Working with Amazon S3 Through the Amazon Management Console

Module VIII: Amazon S3 Website Hosting

• Hosting Static Website
• Configuration of Static Website Hosting

Module IX: Configuration of Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

• ELB – Characteristics
• Scenarios in ELB Implementation
• Configuration of ELB Through AWS Management Console

Module X: Configuration of Auto Scaling

• Auto Scaling features
• Auto Scaling – Working Method
• Configuration of Auto Scaling

Module XI: Configuration of Route 53

• Route 53 – Characteristics
• Types of DNS Record
• Routing Policies
• Configuration of Route 53 Through AWS Management Console

Module XII: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

• Introduction to IAM
• IAM through AWS Management Console
• AWS Security Token Service (STS)

Module XIII: Amazon CloudWatch and Trusted Advisor

• Amazon CloudWatch – Characteristics
• Configuration of CloudWatch through AWS Management Console
• Trusted Advisor

Module XIV: RDS HA and Load Sharing

• RDS – Characteristics
• Configuration of RDS through AWS Management Console

Module XV: Backup Options

• EBS Options
• S3 and RDS Backup Options

Training Options

Rs. 35,000

  • Live Instructor Online training by Certified & industry expert Trainers
  • 24/7 One Demand Dedicated Server for Hands on Practice.
  • Flexibility to attend the class at your convenient time.
  • Earn a Skill Certificate
  • Professional Resume Preparation end of the trading period. 
  • Plus 45 Days of flexible access e-learning.
Make me an Expert


  • Customized Learning delivery model.
  • Our training practice are perfectly blended with options for effective live instructor lead hands on training.
  • Training need analysis.
  • Our Corporate training services are easy accessibility of LMS ( Learning Management System ) online or offline – anytime, anywhere, on any of your devices.
  • 24/7 learner assistance and Support


Q.1 What is the format of the exam?

Ans: Multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions.

Q.2 How many questions does the exam have?

Ans: 65 questions.

Q.3 What is the duration of the exam?

Ans: 130 minutes.

Q.4 What is the cost of the exam fee?

Ans: $150.

Q.5 Can I take the exam in my language?

Ans: As of now, the exam is available in English, Japanese, Korean, and simplified Chinese languages.

Q.6 How long would a candidate require to prepare for the exam?

Ans: An average of eighty hours is required. However, if a candidate has prior knowledge in the topic, he will be a pacemaker.

Q.7 Do you help in preparing for the certification?

Ans: Amazon allows you to prepare for your AWS certification with exam guides, sample questions, and other sources that will help you practice before taking the actual exam. You can practice the exam here.



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