AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional (DOP-C01)

Take Your DevOps Skills to the Next Level and Be the One Who Organizations Are Looking For

Organizations that have already migrated to the AWS environment has realized the importance of DevOps, and thus they need talented AWS DevOps Professionals to boost their productivity. After the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification, you will be that candidate organizations are looking for who can bridge the gap between software developers and operations.


Verify Your Technical Skills and Expertise with Industry-recognized Accreditation

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional is an advanced certification of both AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate and AWS Developer Associate. You will reach the zenith of your DevOps in AWS after taking the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification. Intended to help you prepare for the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification, this course from Sapphire Global covers 40 hours of interactive training with both theory and hands-on labs.

Why Have AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification?

If you are in the DevOps field, then it is highly recommended that you take this certification as it is the pinnacle of DevOps certifications in AWS. You increase your earning potential and boost your career prospects.

Demand. Supply. Growth.


Candidates with professionaAsl DevOps Certifications are greatly in demand.


The AWS DevOps Engineer Professionals with certifications are rarely to find and hence there is a short supply.


The growth of AWS technologies throughout has resulted in increase in the importance of the AWS certification exams. As the leader in the cloud domain, AWS is the fastest-growing cloud provider.

What You Will Learn

In this program, you will learn to implement and operate security controls, governance methodologies, and compliance validation. You will be able to deploy systems that are highly scalable & available, and easy-to-manage.

Who Is This Program for?

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification is meant for those who want to pass the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional Certification and assume the role of a DevOPs engineer.

Why Sapphire

At Sapphire, the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional aspirants will not only be job ready but future ready. By studying and preparing under the tutelage of Sapphire mentors, you will become an erudite AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional and have an edge in the AWS cloud environment. There are many aspects you can consider learning from Sapphire Global:


Learn at the convenience of your home. You can take the standard course (20 days/40 hours) or the fast-track (5 days/40 hours).

Program Format

• Online Tutoring: The mode of teaching is going to be online, and the sessions will be interactive to enhance learner engagement.
• Blended learning: For convenience and effective teaching, we incorporate hybrid learning in which both the traditional classroom and online learning come together.

Instruction from Industry Expert Mentors

With one-on-one and group mentoring, Sapphire’s mentors help you get the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Certification and get ready for levelling up.


Am I a Candidate for This Certification?

To be a candidate for this certification, an individual must have at least two years of experience provisioning, operating, and managing the AWS settings. Also, it is recommended that the candidate possesses AWS SysOps Administrator Certification – Associate and AWS Developer Associate Certification.


Domain 1: SDLC Automation
  • Apply concepts required to automate a CI/CD pipeline
  • Determine source control strategies and how to implementthem
  • Apply concepts required to automate and integrate testing
  • Apply concepts required to build and manage artifactssecurely
  • Determine deployment/delivery strategies (e.g., A/B, Blue/green, Canary, Red/black) and how to implement them     using AWS Services
Domain 2: Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code
  • Determine deployment services based on deployment needs 
  • Determine application and infrastructure deployment models based on business needs 
  • Apply security concepts in the automation of resource provisioning 
  • Determine how to implement lifecycle hooks on a deployment 
  • Apply concepts required to manage systems using AWS configuration management tools and services
Domain 3: Monitoring and Logging
  • Determine how to set up the aggregation, storage, and analysis of logs and metrics 
  • Apply concepts required to automate monitoring and event management of an environment 
  • Apply concepts required to audit, log, and monitor operatingsystems, infrastructures, and applications 
  • Determine how to implement tagging and other metadata strategies
Domain 4: Policies and Standards Automation
  • Apply concepts required to enforce standards for logging,     metrics, monitoring, testing, and security 
  • Determine how to optimize cost through automation 
  • Apply concepts required to implement governance strategies
Domain 5: Incident and Event Response
  • Troubleshoot issues and determine how to restore operations 
  • Determine how to automate event management and alerting 
  • Apply concepts required to implement automated healing 
  • Apply concepts required to set up event-driven automated actions
Domain 6: High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery
  • Determine appropriate use of multi-AZ versus multi-regionarchitectures
  • Determine how to implement high availability, scalability, andfault tolerance 
  • Determine the right services based on business needs (e.g.,RTO/RPO, cost) 
  • Determine how to design and automate disaster recovery strategies 
  • Evaluate a deployment for points of failure

Training Options

Rs. 35,000

  • Live Instructor Online training by Certified & industry expert Trainers
  • 24/7 One Demand Dedicated Server for Hands on Practice.
  • Flexibility to attend the class at your convenient time.
  • Earn a Skill Certificate
  • Professional Resume Preparation end of the trading period. 
  • Plus 45 Days of flexible access e-learning.
Make me an Expert


  • Customized Learning delivery model.
  • Our training practice are perfectly blended with options for effective live instructor lead hands on training.
  • Training need analysis.
  • Our Corporate training services are easy accessibility of LMS ( Learning Management System ) online or offline – anytime, anywhere, on any of your devices.
  • 24/7 learner assistance and Support


Q.1 Which AWS Certification is right for me?

Ans: You must go through each and every certification under AWS by clicking here.

Q.2 How to I register for the AWS DevOps Engineer exam?

Ans: To register for the exam, click here.

Q.3 Can I reschedule my exam?

Ans: Yes. You can cancel/reschedule the exam up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment without additional fees.

Please note: you can reschedule the exam only two times.

Q.4 What is the duration of the exam?

Ans: 170 minutes.

Q.5 How many questions does this exam have?

Ans: 75 questions.



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