Is devOps a good career (2021)

Is devOps a good career (2021)

DevOps Reduces the Go-to-market Time by Unifying People, Processes, and Technologies

DevOps is short for development and operations and is popular for many individuals working in the IT industry. 

The demand for DevOps has increased tremendously over the past few years. To understand “Is DevOps a good career” or not, let’s dive deep into this article.

DevOps has gained lot of popularity, has become main focus and shaping the world of software. IN spite of its popularity, if you are still wondering Is DevOps a good career option consider then read this article till the end.

Does DevOps have a good career future?

DevOps has a promising future with numerous solutions to IT problems. Well, there is no doubt that DevOps experts are highly paid in IT industry. DevOps is a great approach that is now adopted by many IT companies to provide reliable and faster solutions to their clients.

What are the skills required to learn devOps

DevOps engineers are going to interact with software development teams, testing teams, and the IT operations team regularly. To become a DevOps engineer, you must have a command over some of the programming languages such as Java, Perl, and Python.

• Knowledge of automation tools

• Excellent collaboration and communication skills

• Good reasoning

Devops engineer salary in India & abroad

The average devops salary in India, according to Payscale, is Rs 674,202 per year.

DevOps engineers’ salaries abroad are usually paid around $102,959/year, while software engineers are usually paid $100,690/year. It also depends on many other factors, some of them are work experience, company.

Devops engineer salary in india & abroad

Most Popular DevOps Training Courses for a good Devops career

Why Have a DevOps Foundation Certification Training?

The DevOps Foundation Certification Training  gives a fundamental level of understanding of DevOps philosophy. Novice users will be acquainted with DevOps and the cultural transition it demands. People new to this technology will understand that communication, collaboration, integration, and automation are key factors for the success of DevOps. Learn More about DevOps Foundation Certification Training.

Why Have DevOps Leader Training Certification?

The DevOps Leader® Certification attests that a candidate has the leadership skills that are required to create a vision and motivate people. It adds value to already working professionals. Learn More about DevOps Leader Training Certification

Who Is This DevOps Engineering Course For?

The DevOps Test Engineer Certification program will help you learn DevOps, the focus is on continuous testing in the DevOps environment. As far as SDLC, continuous testing is an extremely important component of it, which entails continuous development, integration, and implementation. Test automation and continuous testing play an important role in DevOps practice. Continuous testing complements continuous delivery process, makes sure that there is continuity in SDLC. Learn more about DevOps Engineering Course

DevOps Courses

Job Opportunities after DevOps Training

A professional in the IT sector attaining certifications can seek promotion, gain heightened status, develop knowledge, skills & shortcomings, and build self-confidence. Also, certifications ensure that there is sound code of practices leveraged that result in confidence that are compliant. With a DevOps Training & Certificate, an individual can certainly say DevOps is a good career option.

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